Green, Eco-Friendly Qualifications

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Unique in form, style and now distinctly different. Introducing our own method of tint and staining, “Eco Stain”. This process promises to create a look so natural yet eco friendly and more durable and everlasting than any other method before it. This process was developed through our proven method of approach right in our showroom and workshop. Works on many surfaces.

Our cement floors are easily cleaned by a quick and simple use of a janitor type dust mop treated with a dust treatment aerosol and followed by wet mopping with a rayon string mop and a solution of coconut oil and water. This cleaner is PH neutral and leaves floors without streaks and does not require rinsing. Please follow our maintenance instructions for optimum floor service.

“My husband and I are pleased with the excellent work Fabian and Armando did yesterday. The patio looks terrific. Fabian and Armando are pleasant, professional and skilled craftsmen. We would have them at our home anytime we need your services. Again it was a pleasure doing business with you.” – Lise S.