About Rogo's Finishing Touch


Rogo’s Finishing Touch (pronounced “Rojo’s”) is a family owned and operated business in Tucson Arizona established July of 1981 by Rogelio Rodriguez better known as Rogo, he started the business fresh out of the United States army at the ripe age of 21 and proceeded to employ two brothers, three nephews and Rogo’s son Joel. Rogo and Joel are army veterans and understand the importance of discipline, honesty, integrity and service. 

When it comes to decorative concrete finishes in Tucson and southern Arizona, Rogos offers comparable prices and unmatched service and quality. As innovators of our craft, we strive to stay ahead of our industry. You can now experience our most recent method of concrete colorization. Our craftsmen’s creations are new and exciting, beautiful and lasting, unique, unmatched and environmentally sound. This process promises to bring yet another form of Rogo’s approach to an amazing form of flooring and beautiful surfaces for Tucson homes, offices and other commercial buildings.

Check us out with the Registrar of Contractors . We hold an excellent record.

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