Timeframes vary depending on the service and the square footage of the space you are looking to refinish. On a 200 ft-500 sq ft space it would be about a 2-day project with a  24-hour curing, for a 700 sq ft 800 sq ft it would be a 3-day project with a 24-hour curing, and 800+ square foot project it would be a 4 plus day project with a 24-hour curing period

With our concrete overlay, it would take 3 hours to the touch and 24 hours for foot traffic

With our Epoxy service, it would take 24 hours to touch and walk and 4 - 5 days before you can drive on it.

Always sweep the floor with the treated dust mop before damp mopping, High-traffic areas should be swept more frequently to avoid scratches from dirt, sand, and gravel. For long-term maintenance, we recommend resealing your floors every 2 - 4 years depending on the amount of traffic your floor receives.

We highly recommend applying felt tabs or cushioned bottoms under furniture that may scratch your floors. Use mats or rugs in front of each entry to catch sand, dirt, and gravel before it gets into your home. Cleaning up any spills quickly to avoid stains, especially pet accidents. If you have any questions you can always give us a call and we would be happy to help!

We can match any color you are interested in and have multiple options regarding design. You can come to our showroom and explore the countless color and design possibilities that we have to offer or we can come to you!

Our Epoxy flooring is environmentally friendly, we use a water-based resin, whereas other companies tend to use petroleum products.

Epoxy flooring is a 2-part mix of chemicals that when mixed and applied on a well-prepped concrete floor. Primarily garages, workshops, restaurant patios, and or walkways are ideal for epoxy installation since they create a durable easy-to-clean floor system offering low maintenance and lasting for 5-10 years depending on wear and tear. Epoxy is available in various assorted colors. It can be done in plain solid color, or it can have chips to make it look like a terrazzo floor as well as metallic finishes. The prep work consists of grinding, patching, and moisture barrier as needed and other steps are essential and of the utmost importance for adhesion, durability, and ease of maintenance. We DO NOT recommend the 1-day Epoxy installations as we know firsthand that just the prep work alone can take the better part of the day to accomplish correctly. It also takes overnight curing time before each coat for best results. The epoxy installation process is a 3-day process with a 4th day of curing before parking your vehicle on it. It is ready for foot traffic in 24 hours.

The vast array of colors, patterns, and ease of maintenance are a few of the many benefits of concrete flooring. Concrete floors can be overlayed with cement, can be hand stained, or can be ground depending on the design results desired by the client.

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